TRMO Reporting


In current market, Operations and Technology Groups in financial industry run several mainframe based settlement and booking systems for domestic and international trade settlements. These systems duplicate a substantial amount of functionality and are costly to run and maintain. The TRValidator is being developed as a product to provide a service to these back-end mainframe systems, in order to off-load some of the most expensive processing to cheaper and more efficient Linux based servers and Java systems.

TRMOnline & TRMO Reporting is an extension to this and is being built to improve users experience significantly. It will fulfill users monitoring and reporting needs for their trades which are processed by the Engine.

TRMOnline & TRMO Reporting will facilitate the users to view the trade messages processed by the engine in real time. Users will be able to monitor the status of the trade as soon as the trade hits the Engine. The trades landing into exception can be reviewed online, thus saving crucial time which is spend in analyzing the issues in the trade. TRMOnline & TRMO Reporting system will be smart enough to dictate and report the issues in the trade received, so that they can be corrected in timely fashion. This will result in significant operational benefits, including cost savings, for institutional market participants.

From a technology and straight-through processing perspective, the key advantages of using TRMOnline & TRMO Reporting are:

  • Post-trade messages can be reviewed and monitored on the same single network
  • Multiple internal and vendor applications can be consolidated or more tightly integrated using messages/network;
  • TRMOnline & TRMO Reporting provides a single solution across many products;
  • Industry-wide best practices can be developed around a common and open standard rather than a proprietary model.

Design Overview