With more than half of the American population seeking medical information from the web, coupled with advance in modern technology. The trend is increasing favoring self-managed health system. This trend is visible in technological wear and open frameworks such as the fit bit for example. These frameworks feed more productivity and startups in self-health management vertical. While there are lots of close system hindering further advances. Much have been gained in other collaborative sphere which increasingly empowers individuals and groups alike to take matters of self-awareness and consciousness to help manage their health and their families as well.

The collaboration in technology and social platforms continuously opens further opportunity to bridge the gaps between first and third world countries. The world is trending to continuously evolve globally physically, culturally, technologically and spiritual. Breaking all boundaries. Social integration is undeniable, gaps are been closed by the seconds, news is traveling faster that we can imagine. However humanity is not traveling as fast. Our knowledge and understanding of health is not as nimble as our social networks. Collaboration is not rapid in healthcare as some of us might want. Compliance is warranted understandably. However the reality is we are limited by our own knowledge, senses and greed.

Noun Genetica – Logical System


In a nutshell

Noun Genetica is a multi-dimensional health and self-managed life platform.  It enables a user to manage their wholeness of life from a multi-dimensional perspective by combining science, time, location, religion, spirituality, nutrition, environmental stressors, social behavior, disease (parasites, virus and bacteria) and astrology into a single interconnecting platform to enable predictive analysis of a single user, groups, race, location and point in time.  What is your connection to yourself, to your neighbors, to history, to the environment, to the animals around you, why are you? Far more important than answers one might try to derive from such platform are the questions beyond our greatest scientific minds.   As humans we are limited, we cannot derive or frame the right questions because we are limited by our senses, whom by nature protects us.