Agency Cloud Enabler


About Agency Cloud Enabler

Agency Cloud Enabler is an application that will allow centralized data storage and online access to the same via cloud-based computer services & resources. There will be different types of users who can access the application with different access levels. These include – Super Administrators (at State Level and Affiliate/Agency Level), Management Staff, Volunteers, Professionals, and Peer Coordinators etc. These user types will be customizable, and can also be reduced or increased as per the specific need of the Agency.

Agency Cloud Enabler will also have the capacity to store information about training sessions conducted for the Staff and Volunteers. The required information, any special remarks or comments by Professionals like Lawyers, Judges, Case Workers, Therapists, and Doctors can also be stored via this application to take necessary action as per the remarks or comments.

Different types of system generated reports and capability of generating manual reports will help the Agency to improve the ability and establish faith in people.

Product Need

Based on the information obtained from market survey and discussions with the Project Sponsors, AIT Survey Team observed and assessed that the entire functioning of Agencies is being handled manually. Staff Members, Volunteers, Professionals, interested Parents and various other Users have to rely on manual data entry (such as filling forms etc.) to get associated and work with the Agency. The information gathered is widely scattered and often duplicative due to lack of centralization.

Instances of inefficiencies:

  • The process of storing all information about a specific case is very time consuming as multiple User types gather and store information individually.
  • Due to lack of central data storage, retrieving specific Case’s information has become a very tedious job.
  • Manual report generation from all the scattered data has proven to be ineffective.

Design Overview